How to make the most of your Austrian skiing trip

A look at school skiing trips to Austria and what you can do to make sure your students have the best holiday possible.

Austria has long been one of the most popular school ski destinations. The reasons are obvious; there are excellent slopes on which to ski with plenty of novice options, the resorts are used to catering for groups of enthusiastic school children and all are easily accessible from mainland Europe.

Where to go
All of the ski resorts in Austria provide the same standard of accommodation and slopes for their visitors but some are more expensive than others, …

Skiing in Meribel: Popular Ski Resort in France Founded by Captain Peter Lindsay


The History of Meribel - Learn About this Alps Ski Resort

Surprisingly it was a British army officer, Captain Peter Lindsay, who was the founding father of Meribel as a ski resort.

Captain Peter Lindsay

Back in the 1930s Captain Peter Lindsay spent his holidays skiing in Austria, but when Hitler took the country over in 1936, he decided to look elsewhere. High in the French Alps he found two tiny villages close together at the foot of gentle slopes.

Captain Peter Lindsay thought they were ideal for skiing and even managed to set up a primitive chair-lift, nicknamed the Red Dragon, using an elderly bus hauled up the hillside …

Crested Butte is One of Colorado's Last Great Ski Towns

The history of Crested Butte, Colorado has a familiar ring to it: Miners find gold/silver, boom town springs from the valley, good times roll, mine runs dry, people move away. Then, somebody decides to strap a couple boards to the feet and let gravity do it’s thing.

The Crested Butte ski resort is a bit off the beaten path, but the skiers who make this their ski vacation destination know that the isolation is part of this town’s charm.

Crested Butte is a Ski Vacation Destination

Hidden away in central Colorado’s Gunnison County, Crested Butte is seemingly caught in a …

Ski Lessons Teach Children Basic Ski Techniques: Ski School Classes Versus Instruction from Parents

Almost everyone who skis remembers their first time on skis, and it usually wasn’t pretty. To the contrary, “I fell off the lift,” “I careened right into a ski patrol member,” and “I got on a slope that was too steep by mistake and had to walk down” are not exaggerations: They are typical stories about learning to ski, for both children and adults..

Children do have some advantages when it comes to learning to ski: They have a lower center of gravity, and don’t tend to fall as hard as adults do. But the first day on skis can …

Cheap Deals on Skiing Holidays in France

Skiing holidays can be expensive so they are not an option for the average traveler or middle-class family. Prices for ski rental, ski passes, ski lessons and accommodation add up quickly to a mind-blowing total. Except for those who have a certain financial security, most people do not go on a skiing holiday unless they have forgone all other holidays or find a cheap deal on a skiing package holiday. For this reason, the directors of 20 ski resorts in the Maurienne Valley, France have created a ski pass called “Ski Maurienne Sans Frontières”.

A Cheap Skiing Solution in France

What to Look for when Buying Skiing Equipment

So you’ve decided to learn to ski but you have no idea where to start to find equipment. This quick reference guide will help you learn the basics about where to look and what to expect when buying your ski gear.

When buying ski equipment it is important to ensure that the ski boots fit into the bindings and that the bindings fit the skis. All three must be purchased separately and it can get a little costly. There are a lot of sites that can help you browse around for the best price. Another option is to buy gently …

Children Skiing Tips – Keeping Them Comfortable

No parent needs to be reminded that youngsters must be warmly bundled against cold, wind, and snow. On the other hand, kids don’t have to be so swaddled in piles of winter clothing that they can’t even waddle, much less ski or frolic, in the out-of-doors.

So the proper way to dress a child for skiing is to recognize both factors. Dress her just enough to keep her comfortable. Overdressing is as awkward a mistake as is taking her to ski school inadequately clothed for a whole day on the slopes.

The principle of layering holds true for the youngster …

Adaptive Skiing in Michigan: Challenge Mountain provides accessible, affordable skiing in Michigan

Not all of the ski resorts in Michigan are open as at this writing (Jan. 6, 2007), but many have natural and man-made snow and are in full swing, according to this Michigan snow report.

This list from Ski Central gives links to a variety of ski hills and programs for disabled skiing. Challenge Mountain, in Boyne, Michigan, is a great-sounding facility dedicated to summer and winter accessible sports. According to their website, they are waiting for snow! It’s one place to keep an eye on, from the look of the facilities.

Challenge Mountain has outreach programs at Boyne …

Skiing Colorado's Ski Cooper: Ski Cooper presents Rocky Mountain skiing on a human scale.

You’d have to be in denial to think that skiing and snowboarding aren’t expensive—especially when visiting major destination resorts.

There is a cure for an expensive ski vacation, however.

Go to a smaller ski resort.

Case in point: Colorado’s Ski Cooper.

Set outside Leadville, Colorado, Ski Cooper is small. Very small by major western resort standards. But, what you trade off in size, you gain back in ambience, attitude and cost.

And, if it happens to snow, as it did the other day when I was visiting, well, powder skiing is a hoot no matter where you do it.…

What is Newschool Skiing

Newschool skiing evolved from freestyle skiing, which consists of all trick skiing, powder skiing, and mogul skiing, and which was made popular in the early 1970’s. Newschool skiing, or freeskiing, involves terrain park skiing, backcountry powder skiing, and urban trick skiing. Newschool skiing has seen an explosion of popularity since the beginning of the century, and the huge growth trend still continues.

Newschoolers, or those who practice freeskiing, share a similar attitude with snowboarding. Newschool skiing came about as a result of the laws placed that restricted skiers from going into the snowboard-only terrain parks. Newschool skiing started out as …