When it comes to extreme sports, many enthusiasts will tell you that heliskiing is the ultimate experience. In one moment, you can appreciate the majesty of nature and the breathtaking beauty of seeing the world from thousands of feet in the sky by helicopter. Moments later, you can be dropped onto areas so remote that few other humans have ever set foot (or ski) upon them.

With terrain so extraordinary that only a small number of brave souls attempt to capture the experience, heliskiing adds a whole new meaning to the term “catching some air.” Flying up and skiing down 20,000 vertical feet in a day can satisfy even the most demanding thrill seeker. With a goal of 80,000 vertical feet in a week, top heliskiing companies ensure that their clients get nothing short of a world-class experience.

Heliskiing is quickly becoming popular for extreme sports enthusiasts who have tried nearly everything else and are seeking a new rush of anticipation and adrenaline to start their mornings. No longer satisfied with mere wind rushing by them as they shush down the mountain, these thrill-seekers need the highest, the longest, and the steepest skiing experiences they can find. Heliskiing may be just what such people feel they were born to do.

Heli Skiing Details
Whether purchased by vertical foot, by days on the slopes, or by vacation package, there is no limit to the ways in which entire families can enjoy heliskiing together. Skiers with different levels of ability can sign up for the same trip, so that family members and friends can enjoy the experience together. At the same time, heliskiing is also a solitary sport, each skier alone with her thoughts and pushing her own mental and physical boundaries.

Areas as remote as the Chugach Mountains in Alaska are now not only reachable, but also becoming well-known. So far, however, they are still largely undiscovered playgrounds for those seeking the newest thrill and the newest boundary to push. Locales vary, with each slope offering its own unique set of challenges.

Cost also varies, depending on your degree of skill, the length of your trip, and your preferred location. For a beginner to the world of heliskiing, packages can be purchased for prices starting at a few thousand dollars. For others, if money is no object, there is no limit to the price they might pay to feed their passions. Many ski companies offer an extensive price range to make sure their customers feel that they receive a good deal for their hard-earned money, and to make the experience worth every penny.

Being an experienced skier is a prerequisite, but being an expert at heliskiing is not. Terrains of different challenges for different skill levels are available. For skiers to tackle the heights necessary for heliskiing, however, it is required that they be at least considered an advanced intermediate skier. With the difference in level can come a difference in price, in the length of trip, and in the number of hours on the slopes.

If there’s snow atop a mountain peak, good weather, and a helicopter on which to hitch a ride, heliskiing is an option. For those who are seeking a new experience or undiscovered worlds, heliskiing may offer a profoundly satisfying experience. It is no wonder that so many extreme skiers are looking to catch some air and find the nearest peak.