DUMBO Bus Taking Residents to Nearby Skiing

If you’re stuck in New York City working during the week and just dying to get away for some nature, don’t despair. In case you forgot, it’s ski season.

Buses from DUMBO are taking Brooklynites to the mountain powder on the weekends for skiing and snowboarding packages. The buses leave at either the crack of dawn or in the middle of the night for Hunter Mountain, Killington Mountain and Stratton Mountain for a day of snow, hot cocoa and fun.

The prices on the packages range from $85-100 and includes transportation, lift tickets, and breakfast, plus some other random fun …

Training Colorado Ski Instructors: Ski Instruction and Movement Analysis in Summit County

While many people come to Summit County, Colorado for its awesome ski resorts, many are unaware of the fact that this area has some of the best ski schools in North America. The folks who move to Summit County to become ski instructors are not only dedicated to skiing; they are dedicated to teaching skiing. Many of them are so dedicated that they devote a few hours of their Tuesday evenings to improving their instructional skills.

Bob Barnes, who is currently the director of training at Keystone, developed the Tuesday night movement analysis sessions. Bob is a household name amongst …

Lake Tahoe Skiing

Lake Tahoe ski packages for the North Shore, the South Shore, and Reno offer winter sports enthusiasts a wide variety of activities, including skiing and snowboarding, as well as exciting nightlife that includes casinos, sensational dining, and all-night shows. For those who crave icy wind on their faces as they fly down the slopes, information about conditions, lodgings, lift tickets, and equipment rentals are all available online.

Finding a Lake Tahoe Ski Package

The best way to enjoy the great skiing at Lake Tahoe is to have everything included in a ski package. Rooms at a mountain lodge, cabin, or …

Connecticut Skiing

Ski Areas, Ski Resorts & Mountains in CT

Many people are surprised to learn that there are some great Connecticut skiing spots that cater to both beginners and advanced skiers. In Southington Connecticut, there is Mount Southington, which has easy hills for those just learning the ropes, as well as some steep inclines for those who like the adrenaline rush of a bigger challenge. You can also sign up for ski lessons if you are just tackling skis or snowboards for the first time.

Another great Connecticut skiing spot is in Kent, and it is called Mohawk Mountain. This ski destination is located in Litchfield County, which …

Heli Skiing

When it comes to extreme sports, many enthusiasts will tell you that heliskiing is the ultimate experience. In one moment, you can appreciate the majesty of nature and the breathtaking beauty of seeing the world from thousands of feet in the sky by helicopter. Moments later, you can be dropped onto areas so remote that few other humans have ever set foot (or ski) upon them.

With terrain so extraordinary that only a small number of brave souls attempt to capture the experience, heliskiing adds a whole new meaning to the term “catching some air.” Flying up and skiing down …

Alpine Skiing in Banff National Park: Canada's Most Popular Park Has Three Alpine Ski Areas

Banff National Park in the Alberta province is Canada’s first and most popular park. Founded in 1885, it is also a World Heritage site based on its representation of the Earth’s evolutionary history and geological values. For non-scientists, that means the 2400 acre park is an endless Kodak moment, where glaciers, mountain peaks, waterfalls, canyons and lakes take your breath away at each turn.

Banff is a Scottish word, which comes from a region in Scotland from where many of the railroad workers came who built the trans-Canada railroad. To promote tourism to the area, the railroad also built a …

Three Basic Skiing Skills – Stance, Gliding Along, and Teaching Your Feet

No matter if you’re in a circle of a half-dozen other beginners facing an instructor, learning with a buddy, or by yourself, the first requirement of skiing is the proper stance proper for the nervous novice and the skilled expert alike. Stand with the skis slightly separated about 6 inches apart, so that each foot is directly under a shoulder. Lean slightly forward, knees bent, until your shins are pressed against the front of your boots. Keep your center of gravity directly over your boots.

The most common error in stance is leaning the upper body too far forward with …

Skiing in Alberta, Western Canada: Winter Snow Blows Perfectly in the Canadian Rockies for Snowboarding

The Rocky Mountain area in Alberta, western Canada, is a goldmine of powdery snow for skiing at all levels. Opening dates are slated for mid-month and it looks like an early start to the season will be welcomed.

Lake Louise Mountain Resort, Banff National Park

This popular resort has just been voted “Gold in the ski/snowboard resort category in the 2007 Calgary Herald Readers’ Choice Awards.” Kicking off the winter season on Saturday November 10, 2007, ski or snowboard at one of North America’s largest resorts. Booking early is the key to deals here, where travellers can save up to …

Ski Tubes

There’s nothing quite like getting towed across a body of water: the wind in your hair, the splash in your face, a feeling of reckless adventure. You’re one part daredevil and one part James Bond. Except that with things like water skis and wakeboards, it takes a lot of falling down before you get the hang of it. So what’s an aquatic thrill-seeker to do? Grab an inflatable ski tube.

Ski tubes are great for the beginner and expert alike. They require less skill than skis and boards since you’ll be lying or sitting down and won’t have to worry …

Tips for Taking Your Children Skiing for the First Time

When taking children skiing for the first time, a lot of the worries can be avoided depending upon the location of the ski trip. For the infant or toddler too young to take a beginner lesson some of the resorts offer childcare services. Researching the resort you use ahead of time can help you plan which of the services will be best suited to your family’s needs.

Should you be skiing with a day pass at a resort they will normally offer some type of beginner lessons. These are an excellent tool to use in teaching your child the beginning …