Skiing Colorado's Sunlight Mt. Sunlight Mountain Resort works for families and extreme skiers.


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Skiers and snowboarders passing Glenwood Springs, Colorado, along I-70 can’t help but notice the huge hotel and its hot springs swimming pool. They sit roadside in plain view.

But, many—if not most—who are going skiing or snowboarding (who are probably en-route to more famous ski resorts nearby), are probably unaware of Sunlight Mountain Resort.

Sunlight sits off the road apiece, not visible from the Interstate, nor even from Route 82, the road to Aspen.

But, for those who follow the signs and take the detour up 27th Street and into the hills, a surprising reward awaits.

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Ten reasons to learn cross country skiing for New Year's – Chicago Adventure Travel

  1. Relatively inexpensive – With any sport there are start up costs. Skis, boots, and poles must be purchased, but after that there are very few expenses. Some trails require a fee, but many are free.
  2. Clears the mind – This is a hybrid of number 7, 5, 2, and 1. Participating in a fun workout in the beautiful peaceful snowy woods equals peace of mind.
  3. No bugs – I have never been bitten by a mosquito while cross-country skiing.
  4. The woods are rarely more beautiful – Arguably the only time the forest is more beautiful is in the autumn with