Strategies for Skiing with Children

Today, children are able to take part in various sporting activities even during what many parents will consider to be harsh climatic conditions such as winter. Skiing is one such sport where children will enjoy and therefore the parents should take the initiative of introducing and allowing them to enjoy the sport especially in their presence. Furthermore, a sporting activity that is shared among family members strengthens their bonding and allows them to enjoy more.

First of all, the parents need to consider the health conditions of their children where age ought to be a determining factor. For the very …

New Hampshire Skiing: What's New in the White Mountains

New Hampshire’s White Mountains are the stuff ski legends are made of. And why not? After all, the sport of skiing in North America began here, at Cranmore Mountain in North Conway. Now joined by nearly a dozen other mountains, New Hampshire’s White Mountains are a primary ski destination for skiers in the east.

Here’s what’s new for the 2010-2011 season.

Mount Washington Valley

Attitash (Bartlett): Starting 1,400m feet up the mountain, the resort’s new mountain coaster runs on track 2,800 feet long through dips, turns and straight-aways. This attraction will be open year-round.

Black Mountain, Jackson: Black is one …

Cross country skiing trails in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin and Michigan – Chicago Adventure Travel

Cross-country ski trails near Chicago include some great areas within a four hour drive. After learning a little bit about the sport and getting acclimated to being on skis it is time to venture out of the city and find some areas with some actual country to cross including some hills.

First off it is important to note a differentiation in cross-country skiing. There are two styles of skiing called classical and freestyle or skating. Classical cross-country skiing is shuffling along in two ski tracks in a path that has already been made for the skier by a snowmobile and …